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Where to Buy MetaZoo Wilderness Booster Box?

It should come as little surprise by now that MetaZoo Wilderness is likely going to be one of the brand’s biggest releases for 2022. The set is expected to release at the beginning of March and retailers across the country have largely sold out of their pre-order allocation.

MetaZoo Wilderness Booster Box

This begs the question: where can one buy a MetaZoo Wilderness Set Booster Box? The best place to look is the official Poke Cellar store which stocks a wide variety of MetaZoo products. The store can be accessed both physically at the official location in Norfolk, MA or virtually using the website. The product can of course be shipped to customers who aren’t local.

Poke Cellar Discord Server

Finding reliable game stores can be difficult in the current climate. Global supply chain issues are making it difficult for customers to find the products that they want. Even worse, shopping bots and scalpers drive up the price by hoarding any available inventory. Poke Cellar uses a unique lottery system to deter bots and ensure fair distribution of merchandise.

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