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What Is The Most Expensive MetaZoo Card?

Since the initial launch on Kickstarter almost a year ago, the MetaZoo card game has been scooping up market share left and right. While the insane value of the earlier booster boxes are well known, some readers might still be wondering: what is the most expensive MetaZoo card?

Answering this question required some investigative journalism. As someone who is fairly bullish on the MetaZoo card game, even I was surprised to learn that MetaZoo has some of the most valuable cards in the entire TCG industry. Historical eBay data shows that many competing card games may have higher list prices — but finding actual sales at these prices is virtually impossible. When it comes to completed transactions, MetaZoo is in the lead.

Red Ink

Illustrated by the artist Victor Larson, Red Ink is the chase card of the Cryptid Nation 1st Edition set. These cards were hidden inside special packs known as Box Toppers. Within the last 90 days, eBay shows transactions taking place for $9,100 (PSA 8) and $10,100 (PSA 9). A PSA 10 version of the card is currently listed for $50,000.

MetaZoo Red Ink PSA 10

Old Scratch

Belonging to the Nightfall set, Old Scratch might be even more exclusive than Red Ink. Only 100 of these cards were printed and the known condition on many of them is not great. This means that the pristine examples are far more exclusive than fans originally expected. Within the last 90 days, PSA 9 versions of the card sold for an average of $12,000 with a PSA 8 fetching $6,900 just a few weeks ago. No PSA 10 versions of the card are known to exist currently.

Mothman (Kickstarter Edition)

It should come as little surprise that PSA 10 versions of Mothman (Kickstarter Edition) easily go toe-to-toe with the likes of Red Ink and Old Scratch. Mothman is one of the most iconic cryptids in the brand’s lineup and consequentially carries a high price tag across all the various expansions. First edition versions of the card can yield upwards of $400. Kickstarter edition versions of the card can yield upwards of $10,000. In the last 90 days alone, PSA 10 versions of the card fetched somewhere between $9,000 and $10,500. Not too shabby.

It’s important to note that the above list only contains commercial cards. In other words, I did not include any of the exclusive sample cards, promo cards, or autographed cards — all of which have comparable market values as well.

It should also go without saying that eBay is obviously not the ultimate authority on all transactions within the TCG industry. Many transactions could have taken place offline or in competing marketplaces. With that being said, eBay does seem to provide an accurate overview of market prices.

Tell us what you think below. Will Old Scratch continue to be the most valuable card or will the new MetaZoo Wilderness Set have something even more exclusive?

What do you think?

Written by Michael

Opinions are my own. I enjoy writing about the good and the bad of the trading card game industry. Some articles may be written using artificial intelligence technology. If there is a factual error in one of the articles, please email me the correct information and I'll gladly make revisions. In my personal life, I participate in an amateur polo league and occasionally put around in a Cessna 172


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  1. I think Old Scratch is their highest value card right now. You could make a case for some of their one-off samples or promotional cards but those don’t really count in my opinion since they are so unique. The pop 1 Old Scratch sold for $13,000 I believe on a different marketplace (although it was listed on eBay too)

  2. MetaZoo’s performance in the secondary markets has been impressive but you can’t really compare something like Old Scratch (only 100 printed, most of which were damaged or had some weird centering issues from what I understand for some reason?) with Magic the Gathering’s Black Lotus which had a record sale of almost $70,000 for a BGS 9 Mint just a few weeks ago – and there are 1100 of those alpha cards in existence with 3300 in the beta version.

    • you’re comparing a 30 year old card game with a 1 year old card game. not saying that you’re wrong but if you look at relative performance it’s obvious metazoo is doing really really well.

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