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Pokemon Releases New Holographic Design

While many of us were preoccupied with other TCGs, Pokemon quietly slipped a new design feature into their latest set: a brick pattern holofoil. While it seems this design is reserved exclusively for the reverse holographic cards, it is very interesting to note that the brick pattern covers the entire face of the card. It is somewhat reminiscent of Pokemon’s infamous (and perhaps controversial) Legendary Collection set.

Innovations in holofoil design are always interesting to see. Brands like MetaZoo are notorious for their usage of stars, snowflakes, and even flames to enhance the visual appeal of their holographic cards. It is certainly a great way to distinguish yourself from the competition and perhaps even flex on brands who do not have the capacity to experiment with the holofoil.

The VMAX Climax set released back in December and was the first set to feature this new brick holofoil. The American version of this set, titled Brilliant Stars, will be released in late February. It’s not known at this time if the American version will also feature the updated holofoil styling.

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