Pokemon GO Almost Gets Duo Shot

Pokemon GO is one of the most popular mobile games of all time. It’s fun, engaging, and provides a great way for friends to spend time with each other. However, the game has developed somewhat of a reputation for putting people into dangerous situations. You see, people become so immersed in the gameplay that they lose all awareness of their surroundings. Because this game requires you to physically move, it’s conceivable that someone could be looking down at their phone while unintentionally walking straight into danger.

The incident that took place on March 14th is yet another example of this. Around 9PM, two people in Clearfield County, PA were playing Pokemon GO in a parking lot when they caught the attention of a woman who mistook them for criminals. The situation rapidly escalated and the woman ended up chasing down the duo down in her Ford F-150 and firing off 5 shots from her revolver.

According to the court documents, the woman thought the Pokemon GO players were taking pictures of her vehicle’s license plate and harassing her. The woman, later identified as Ida Reams, was promptly arrested and is now being held in jail on charges of assault, terroristic threats, and driving under the influence.

While no one was injured in this incident, it does serve as a good reminder of the potential dangers associated with not being aware of your surroundings. Believe it or not, Syracuse News even has a comprehensive list of all the accidents and deaths associated with the game. It’s worth reading through the list if you are a frequent player of Pokemon GO — it might just save your life.

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