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MetaZoo’s Latest Bombshell Set: Wilderness

With the wild success of MetaZoo’s Cryptid Nation Second Edition, the brand is already gearing up for their newest set titled Wilderness. Expected to launch later this year in March, the arboreal-themed set has many fans excited to see what the bigwigs at MetaZoo have been working on.

While much of the information surrounding this set is still incomplete, we have been able to scrounge up a variety of evidence which hints at some pretty cool things.

MetaZoo Wilderness Set Card Reveals

The set is will have 165 cards in total with an additional mystery card expected to rival Nightfall’s Old Scratch in rarity. In an effort to perhaps remain consistent with the theme of the set, Wilderness will be the first set from MetaZoo to have the retail packaging manufactured entirely from recycled materials. Furthermore, the brand pledges to plant a tree for every booster box sold.

MetaZoo Wilderness Booster Box Made From Recycled Materials

MetaZoo has revealed three cards to the community thus far: Green Clawed Monster, Dragon of Oconto Falls, and Chibi Playground. It’s interesting to note that the artwork for Chibi Playground seems to have been made by a new illustrator named Afton. This is not an artist we have seen in previous sets.

According to the Caster Society Website, MetaZoo will also be revealing a miniature set known as Chibi Valentines Day. This set will feature 12 cards and is expected to be released in conjunction with (or perhaps within) Wilderness. There are also rumors of seven mysterious cards known as The Wild 7. At this point, it’s unclear what exactly the Wild 7 are or how they fit into this release.

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