MetaZoo’s Craziest Set: Seance

Following the release of a set like UFO, it can be difficult to guess how a brand like MetaZoo will continue to raise the bar. Nonetheless, the title of their next set Séance tells us that the brand’s creativity is showing no signs of slowing down.

What We Know About Séance So Far

At the time of this article, UFO is still months from release so perhaps it’s a little superfluous to start speculating about Séance. Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that virtually nothing is known about this set other than the anticipated release date of October 30th, 2022. Some critics may call into question whether this set is scheduled for release at all; however, recent trademark registrations suggest that this set is almost certainly coming to fruition.

MetaZoo Seance Trademark Registration

Seances are generally associated with paranormal themes such as ghosts and spirits. Technically speaking, the French word means ‘session’ and refers to a ceremony or ritual where a group of people attempt to communicate with the dead. This tells us that the set is very likely to be filled with paranormal cryptids.

The release of this set poses some interesting questions. For example, the Fresno Nightcrawler is one of the most famous paranormal cryptids of all time but we have already seen this cryptid used in previous sets. Is the Fresno Nightcrawler going to make another appearance or will we see something else?

Regardless, it will be very interesting to see how this set pans out. With the highly anticipated UFO set coming right before it, the bar will presumably be set quite high. If you’re interested in purchasing a MetaZoo Seance Booster Box, considering checking out this link (assuming we receive allocation).

Author’s Note: The image used for this article is NOT a preview of the booster box design. No information about this set’s artwork has been released yet.

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  1. Their upcoming sets are not exactly secret. I remember during the Kickstarter days they had all their sets published up until Yokai Island which marks the end of Cryptid Nation. Although come to think of it…I can’t seem to find that list anymore

  2. mans is really out here writing about seance before UFO has even dropped LOL. just kidding. I think the Native set sounds pretty interesting but I have to wonder what they are referring to. Perhaps Native American mythological creatures?

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