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MetaZoo Steals The Show At Collect-A-Con

Last week, our team attended Collect-A-Con in Orlando, FL and had the pleasure of checking out hundreds of vendors showcasing their merchandise and their games. We saw some awesome up-and-coming TCGs like Otherverse and also saw some peculiar TCGs like CannaBeast. While we weren’t entirely sure what to make of CannaBeast, one thing was overwhelmingly obvious to us: MetaZoo absolutely stole the show.

MetaZoo easily had one of the largest booths at the convention and the lines were completely out of control. The booth was distributing exclusive Collect-A-Con promotional packs which were instantly being listed on eBay for hundreds of dollars. It was simply impossible to ignore the overwhelming demand for the brand.

MetaZoo’s Booth at Orlando Collect-A-Con

The timing of this event could not be more perfect given the upcoming release of MetaZoo’s newest set titled Wilderness. This fact was clearly not lost on the organizers considering the MetaZoo booth was distributing Wilderness specific promotional material and spoilers. Slated for release sometime in March, players across the globe can expect to see what the new set has in store any day now.

MetaZoo Wilderness Collect-A-Con Promotional Pack

Rumors suggested that Bigfoot could be the potential chase card in the new Wilderness set. However, a recently published card list shows Bigfoot as the first card (1/165) — suggesting that the chase card will be something else. This begs the question: what will it be? If you’re keen on finding out, make sure you have the set pre-ordered so you can get your hands on it as soon as possible. If you’re looking for a retailer to order from, you can reserve a pre-order for MetaZoo Wilderness Booster Box directly from our website.

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