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MetaZoo Sneaker Release

MetaZoo is no stranger when it comes to apparel and merchandise. The wild success of their Cryptid Nation-themed backpacks is all the proof one needs to see just how popular their gear has become. One might even ask the question: what comes next? Well, MetaZoo has an answer. On May 21st, the company decided to announce the release of their own sneakers.

As someone who has seen a lot of companies come and go, I can say with confidence that merchandising efforts can be tricky. If the merchandise is of too low quality, the release can seem like a cash grab and harm the brand image. This fact was clearly not lost on MetaZoo as they employed their seriously talented in-house artist Victor Larson to draft up the graphics.

Needless to say, the shoe looks awesome. It perfectly complements the modern design of the shoe which looks like a cross between Nike’s Vaporfly and a Yeezy. Some of you might call me crazy for this, but the MetaZoo graphic occupies so much real estate on the shoe that I can’t help but compare it to some of the fashion trends you see in brands like Supreme or Louis Vuitton.  

Seriously, am I wrong? It sort of has the same audacious colors and oversized repetition you would see from something like Givenchy or Balenciaga

Aside from the artwork, the shoe is also distinguished by the thick white sole. The sole is manufactured from a material known as EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) and has a reputation for being one of the most comfortable materials in the shoe industry. While it doesn’t have the durability of the materials found in running shoes, the inherent cushioning properties make it a perfect lounge shoe.

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