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MetaZoo Releases New Images of eBay Boxtoppers

MetaZoo’s recent partnership with eBay is no surprise. Multiple media companies, ourselves incuded, have been providing nonstop coverage of this collaborative effort since day one. The exclusive booster boxes (and subsequent cards) are expected to feature the iconic eBay branding. These boxes will also include an all new box topper. Newly released pictures only provide us with a sneakpeek of 3 cards; however, we can’t help but wonder what other tricks Michael Waddell may have up his sleeve.

MetaZoo is notorious for putting specialized in their products to help provide collectors and players with an extra thrill. In their latest set Wilderness, we saw surprises like the bronze, silver, and gold tickets. We also saw the introduction of serialized cards and new secret rares like Green Man. Waddell has also recently stated that there are still cards that have yet to be found in Wilderness.

Personally, I think consumers who purchased the eBay booster boxes are in for a surprise. Upon release of the eBay booster box, it was originally speculated that the print run would be for 30,000 units. This prompted some customers to question the scarcity of the set and delay their purchase. However, the offer rapidly ended and it was soon revealed that the true print run would only be around 6,000 units. This resulted in the set being far more scarce than people anticipated.

If the remainder of these Wilderness cards happen to be in these eBay collaborative boxes, then it’s entirely possible we will see massive secondary market price increases once the product launches. If you’ve been on the fence about getting your hands on one of these new booster boxes, I would not recommend waiting. MetaZoo is known for rewarding their most loyal fans and I have a sneaking suspicion this collaborative eBay set might be full of surprises.

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