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MetaZoo Literally Went To Space

When it comes to marketing promotions, MetaZoo rarely fails to impress. Despite the high bar, I don’t think anyone anticipated the brand’s latest stunt: launching their cards into outer space.

While some may see this marketing performance as somewhat of a novelty, I would argue that it is an absolutely brilliant way to christen the release of their newest set UFO. Considering the set is predicated on themes of aliens and other extraterrestrial entities, I can not think of anything better than literally imbuing the set with the essence of the cosmos.

According to MetaZoo, a load of cargo containing 120 cards and a roll of foil were launched on June 16th. This cargo was then returned to Earth so it could be used in the upcoming set. While MetaZoo did not disclose what the cards would be used for, they did say that the roll of foil would be stamped onto each booster box sold.

This begs the question: will the 120 cards be used as the exclusive chase cards for the set? And if so, who wants to sell me one when they find it?

How They Did It

As someone who has been following the space industry closely over the last few years, I was genuinely curious how MetaZoo managed to get their cargo into outerspace. As it turns out, they used the same thing Felix Baumgartner used during his famous space jump: a weather balloon.

Needless to say, this is one of the cooler marketing performances I have seen emerge from the trading card game industry. We all know how popular the proverb “to the moon” is among the younger generation. What we didn’t know is that MetaZoo would take that statement a little too literally!

What do you think?

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