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MetaZoo Just Dropped A Bombshell Surprise

MetaZoo, God Card, God box, god pack

MetaZoo, arguably one of the hottest trading card games of the year, is approaching its first official release date on July 30th. Retailers and consumers across the country are preparing for the big day.

To make things even more exciting, the creators of MetaZoo have been hinting at potential ‘easter eggs’ being hidden in the print run. In other words, there could be some extremely rare or unique cards mixed in with this release. While there isn’t much information available about these cards, Waddell has stated that these cards will not have any effect on the competitive aspect of the game and are primarily used to help distinguish print runs.  

This release is considered by many to be the brand’s big debut. It’s important to remember that MetaZoo originally started as a Kickstarter project which means the current circulation of cards are mostly from the original print-run and miscellaneous one-offs like Aura Decks. The brand has not yet had an official product release.

Now that production has been figured out, people are excited to see the culmination of the brand’s hard work. This truly is MetaZoo’s first commercial release and will set the mood for their future drops. How will the colors look? What about the centering? Will the artwork look as good as it does in pictures? Will there be any surprises? 

The product formats will be composed of familiar booster boxes and blister packs but will also include less-familiar spellbooks (comparable to Pokemon’s Elite Trainer Box), release boxes, and theme decks. 

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