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MetaZoo Crashes Topps Website

The massive community behind MetaZoo seems to be getting bigger and their latest victim is the Topps sports cards company website. For the uninformed, Topps has been a leader in the trading card industry for over 80 years and they recently decided to partner with MetaZoo for an exclusive collaboration.

MetaZoo Series 0 Topps release

While this may not be the first website MetaZoo consumers have crashed, it might be the the largest. Being one of the biggest trading card game companies in the world, Topps is no stranger to big hit releases which cause massive traffic spikes. While hiccups are to be expected with a popular release, Topps was definitely unprepared for the onslaught of MetaZoo fanatics

When the purchase links went live for the collaborative product, things started out smoothly. Consumers formed a digital line with an estimated wait time to get their hands on product. This is where the story starts to take a sharp turn. As users waited in their digital line, wait times started to slowly increase, not decrease. It’s speculated that wait times were increasing due to the high amount of bot traffic on the website; however, we have no way of actually confirming this.

Eventually users were met with the following dreaded image:

While I was personally unable to secure product from the Topps release, many others had no issues. It should come as little surprise that the secondary market is already exploding

Despite the chaos brought on by the Topps release, I think this is a strong testament to the power and popularity of MetaZoo. Do not underestimate this company. They are on track to be the next Pokemon.

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