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MetaZoo Competitive Dark Control Deck

If you aren’t interested in destroying friendships and making your opponents ragequit, I would advise you to close this page now. However, if you crave victory at all costs then this dark deck is perfect for you.

I won’t cover every card listed in the deck list but I will highlight key components of this deck.

Death Beam

Death Beam is your primary control card. Play Death Beam wisely and do not use this page haphazardly. Wait for powerful beasties to enter the arena or play Death Beam to throw off your opponents synergy. For example, if your opposing caster is running a forest deck stacked with Gumberoo’s, and you’re loosing board control then it maybe wise to use Death Beam. Although, you’re trading a 3 aura cost card for a 1 aura cost, I find that it’s acceptable as letting your opponent build synergy with tribal boost will quickly overwhelm you.

Death Beam also synergizes well with Crossroads.

While Death Beam has a Spellbook limit of 4, using crossroads to put an expunged Death Beam back into your hand is key when your opponent has board pressure.


Bog is another powerful control card that I keep in my chapter for those nail biting end-game skirmishes. This card becomes extremely annoying to enemy casters when they’re trying to calculate lethal damage. It is absolutely devastating to high aura cost beasties who are looking for lethal.

New Year’s New Beginnings

This card is extremely versatile as it can be used offensively or defensively and even passively. Need to fish for a Powerup Red or stronger Beastie? Aura starved? Want to throw a wrench into your opponents synergy? This card is for you. However, like Death Beam, do not use this card haphazardly. If you have a clear advantage you should be weary playing this card as it can also backfire since the page allows for your opponent to draw up to 7 new cards as well.

Chaos Crystal

Pulling a Chaos Crystal early game allows casters to create late game synergies far earlier in the game. This allows you snowball and take a quick victory. Be mindful of the low life points on Chaos Crystal. If your opponent has a beastie advantage on the field, do not feed the card to the opposing caster. Instead, wait until the board is in your control.

Blood Ruby

Like Chaos Crystal, having a Blood Ruby in your chapter early will allow for an easy snowball. Although this card only produces 2 aura, it has double the hit points of a chaos crystal, making it harder for your opponent to kill.

Lightning In A Bottle & Powerup Red

When Powerup Red is played, the opposing caster’s alarm bells start ringing. Your opponent knows they are screwed if they can’t find a way to deal with this card. Most of the time, the opposing caster will have an answer for Powerup Red so it’s best to play lightning in a bottle the same turn that way you can get some value out of the card in case your opponent has a way of destroying a powered beastie.

Jersey Devil

In my opinion, Jersey Devil is one of the strongest cards in the game. Especially if your opposing casters is playing a forest deck. Jersey Devils attack, Fiery Stampede, burns enemy beasties allowing him to destroy beasties like Gumberoo with ease. Jersey Devils 4th wall effect also make him a very strong 4 cost beastie with respectable damage and life points. This page will not go unnoticed by an enemy caster.

Special thanks to Peazful for creating this deck.

What do you think?

Written by Jake Sim

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