MetaZoo Card image for Ghost Train

Ghost Train


Whenever a Beastie or Beasties you control would be placed in the Afterlife, you may make train sounds to place that Beastie or Beasties face-up under Ghost Train. You may Fatigue this Page at any time to choose 1 face-up Beastie under Ghost Train and place it in the Arena Awakened and under your control. The chosen Beastie is now a SPIRIT Beastie instead of its original Aura. Place the chosen Beastie into your Cemetery at the end of this turn. When Ghost Train leaves the Arena, place all face-up Pages under it into the Afterlife (Any face-up Pages underneath Ghost Train are not considered to be in the Arena and cannot be selected as a target).

"Don't ask me silly questions. I won't play silly games. I'm just a simple choo-choo train. And I'll always be the same." - Stephen King

Illustrated by Poncho
Spellbook Limit
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