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Making a MetaZoo Water Spellbook: The Essentials

The first “Essentials” deck aka Spellbook that is going to be covered is my favorite, the Water type. Water type Spellbooks have some insanely powerful, yet unique, pages that cover both beasties and spells.

Loveland Frogman

Loveland Frogman is by far one of the strongest beasties in MetaZoo. Loveland Frogman makes it so that all spell effects that effect the caster affect Loveland Frogman instead. You may ALSO bookmark an extra page at the start of each turn. Essentially what makes Loveland Frogman so strong though is the fact that if there is any liquid water within eyesight, Loveland can target an opposing page in combat and inflict them with poison, burn, confused, paralyze, sleep and poison (2). The coin flip is always heads unless an effect would say otherwise. This is such an overpowered beastie that there is simply no reason for him not to be included in any water Spellbook.

River of Time

This page is very straight forward. River of Time allows you to take another turn after your previous turn. The page then goes straight into the Afterlife. Self-explanatory on how perful this is. It should be in every single water type Spellbook.

Oklahoma Octopus

Oklahoma Octopus may be a 5 Aura cost beastie, but the investment is quite worth it. Oklahoma Octopus yields a whopping 100 LP and 50 damage with (3) poison on each attack. However, that’s not why he should be in your spellbook. The caster will want to sacrifice this page into the afterlife to create 8 Tentacle Tokens, which are 10 LP Water Beasties with 10 damage and Fleet). Oklahoma Octopus allows the caster to create an overwhelming amount of pressure in the arena that definitely should not be slept on.

Mermaid’s Shimmer

This page may be equipped to a Water or Frost Beastie. Technically Mermaid’s Shimmer just acts as a block and the equipped beastie takes 0 damage and has no effects applied to to the beastie. Always a great page to have when you need your primary beastie to stay alive for a few more turns.

Beast of Busco

Beast of Busco is definitely a very unique Beastie. He costs 5 aura to contract and has no base damage, but an additional 50 damage from a terra bonus. Beast of Busco can neither declare an attack and will not take any combat damage either. His power, “Hungry Crypto” however allows you to place the bottom of your palm on Beast of Busco’s page. Then, every non-aura page that your fingers are touching that are controlled by an opposing caster is then dealt 50 damage (+50 with terra bonus). However, every non-Aura Page controlled by you that your fingers can touch is placed in the Afterlife and you may Bookmark an equal number of Pages from the top of your Spellbook.

The Caster can definitely clean the opposing Casters board off with Busco. But, you, the Caster, will possibly be sacrificing just to utilize this Beastie. So, try to use this Beastie when you do not have many on the board or have “throwaway” Beasties that you are not too concerned of disposing of so that you may bookmark some more pages that you are potentially searching for.

Other Essentials

As always, a Spellbook is going to have the bread and butter that help form the Spellbook in it’s whole. The typical pages we utilize in the majority of our Spellbooks being;

Typically I like to aim for at least 3-5 of these in each Spellbook as they can be essential for a quite necessary burst of damage to Beasties or the Caster themselves.

What do you think?

Written by Jake Sim

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