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Making a MetaZoo Deck (Spellbook): The Essentials

Creating a Spellbook in MetaZoo can be quite time-consuming as there are so many factors at play, like the amount of a specific beastie you should have, specific spells and even not putting in too many auras or terras. So, what are the essential pages that should typically be found in every Spellbook? For this round, we will be going over pages that can be put into ANY Spellbook.


One of the most basic, yet effective pages in the game as it, of course, allows you bookmark 2 pages. With it only costing one aura Bookmark is one of the foundations for any Spellbook as it allows you to maintain pages in your chapter consistently.

Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle is easily one of the best pages in the entire game as it costs a measly 0, yes ZERO aura. Let alone you can have 5 per Spellbook. Typically I like to run at least 3-5 of these per Spellbook. Ideally the caster will want to use Lightning in a Bottle when one of their bigger beasties is awakened in the arena or even when the caster has a Powerup Red applied to a beastie as utilizing Lightning in a Bottle will allow for massive damage all in one turn.

New Year’s New Beginnings

This allows the caster and the enemy caster to redraw 7 new pages. This page can quite literally turn the tide of battle as it is mostly preferred to be utilized when the caster is running low on pages in their chapter and the enemy caster has many.

Chaos Crystal

Chaos Crystal is quite literally one of the most essential pages and artifacts in MetaZoo. Chaos Crystals cost 0 aura and allow you to fatigue the page at any time to generate 3 aura of ANY kind. Quite self-explanatory on how powerful this can be for any deck the caster makes.

Powerup Red

Powerup Red is such an insane card that it basically works well on any beastie. Now, that does not mean that you should however. Powerup Red only costs 3 aura and can be placed under a beastie to apply a +100 LP and +100 damage buff to it. Typically, this should be used on one of your stronger beasties to make it that much more of a threat in the arena.

Destroy Terra

To be quite honest, this is a page I see rarely used in any Spellbook and is, in my opinion, a sleeper hit. A lot of beasties go from strictly “meh” to strangely overpowered simply due to their terra bonus. With a page to eliminate the beasties “buff” aka terra, the caster can keep those beasties under control.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are so many more pages that are essential to Spellbooks, but a number of them are also strictly used by a specific aura. In this, we will stick to the colorless essentials.

Other auras like Frost, Cosmic, Light, Lightning and etc will be covered in future posts as they all have insane essentials to their designated aura and will be broken down into way more depth.

If any readers have a specific aura they would like covered first, please be sure to comment!

What do you think?

Written by Jake Sim

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