How To Buy Pokemon From Japanese Websites

Pokemon is a Japanese company which means they produce a significant amount of products exclusively for the Japanese domestic market. Unless you live in Japan, accessing these products can be very difficult because websites like Pokemon Center Japan will not ship internationally.

So, how do we resolve this? Simple. We engage the services of a mail forwarding company.

Note: This guide can also be used for accessing products from Amazon Japan.

1. Creating an account with a Japanese mail forwarding company

The first step in the process is to create an account with a mail forwarding service. These services are relatively cheap to use and will provide you with your own personal mailing address in the country of Japan. Products ordered to this address can then be forwarded to anywhere in the world.

The two most commonly used mail forwarding services are Blackship and Tenso.

When registering, you will have to provide some form of identification and proof of residency. Don’t panic, this is standard procedure with all mail forwarders.

2. Placing your order with Pokemon Center

The Pokemon Center website is in Japanese. A browser like Google Chrome will allow you to translate the pages which will make the shopping experience easier.

The checkout process is the same as any other website. Add the products to your cart, click checkout, and fill in your shipping information. If you get confused, use this FAQ for assistance.

Payment is done via credit card. You do not need a special credit card. Any standard VISA, Mastercard, etc… will work just fine. Just note that you may be subject to currency exchange rates and/or international transaction fees.

3. Forwarding your package

Once the mail forwarder receives your package, you’ll be able to view it in your Blackship or Tenso dashboard. The rest is self-explanatory.


It’s best to order multiple items, consolidate the package, and have it shipped all at once.

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