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Fusion Strike Promo Cards Leaked

With Pokemon’s newest set Fusion Strike right around the corner, enthusiasts across the country are starting to get amped. While there hasn’t been any information released about the set’s card list, we have been able to confirm the pre-release promotional cards.

It’s important to note that Fusion Strike is the English adaptation of the Japanese set Fusion Arts. Fusion Arts was released back in September. The cards listed below are the Japanese Pokemon which the English cards will be translated from. The English cards will of course have alternate artwork so they will look a little bit different.

The four Pokemon are: Oricorio, Latias, Pyukumuku, and Deoxys. Oddly enough, Pyukumuku will not be featuring the new Fusion battle style. That honor goes to Oricorio and Latias. Deoxys will feature all three.

It’s rumored that the Fusion style will be a cross between the single and rapid-strike. As mentioned earlier, Deoxys is in a unique position where all three styles will be available. It remains to be seen how this will pan out in actual competition. The set releases on the 12th and the cards will become legally playable on the 26th.

Speaking of which, Pokemon’s Legality Status page for competition is where we actually caught wind of these promotional cards. It’s an awesome little loophole to keep an eye on upcoming promotional cards before they are formally announced.

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