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Snow Snake Competitive MetaZoo Deck

Searching for an overwhelming control deck? Look no further. This is sure to frustrate your opponent if executed properly.

Not every card will be covered as the major feature of this deck is the ability to overpower the enemy with your invisible Snow Snakes.

First and foremost, the player will want to get a “Snowing” Terra as soon as possible. Ideally within the first few rounds. The player will want this simply due to the fact that it essentially makes your Snow Snakes invulnerable as they are rendered invisible from the Terra.

The foundation of the deck for which your opponent will succumb to pressure. Snow Snakes are 1 frost aura costing beasties which have a base LP of 30 and base damage of 10. However, when “Snowing” is applied, they gain invisibility and an extra 25 damage. Snow Snakes will primarily be used for rushing down enemy beastie’s LP or the enemy Caster themselves. They will not be allowed to hit the Snow Snake back as they are invisible. So try not to stack these on the board prior to obtaining a Snowing Terra.

One of the few spells in the deck. Ice Spell is a very strong spell in itself due to it’s freeze spell which will freeze the enemy beastie for precisely two turns. What makes it strong as well is the fact that it has a low cost of one aura. Utilize this spell tastefully and at your discretion. This will primarily be used on the stronger beasties in the battlefield which leave you vulnerable.

Only one of these will be needed as they are a pretty costly unit for what he offers. What he offers can either be astonishing or belittled by what is currently on the board. Hence, the one unit in the deck. Kushtaka should primarily be played whenever you or your opponent has a strong beastie in the battleground. Kushtaka is able to mimic that beastie’s strength into his own. Consider him the Ditto of MetaZoo.

Icy Path acts as a reflect for any enemy beastie attacking. The player may redirect this attack to a page controlled by the attacking Caster or the attacking Caster themselves. This is the ideal spell to use when an enemy beastie is performing a potential deathblow to you or your beastie — or perhaps even when you need a specific page off the board.

One of the strongest Beasties in the deck. Tizheruk is a full-fledged powerhouse. Without the buffs, Tizheruk boasts a powerful 60 base damage which freezes the enemy for a massive 10 turns. On top of that, he yields 90LP and has Flying. With Snowing applied, Tizheruk gains invisibility (on top of Flying), which mostly makes Tizheruk invulnerable. Let alone a +25 damage buff with the Snowing Terra, totaling 85 damage. Now would be the perfect moment to put a Kushtaka on the board to mimic Tizheruk’s kit.

This is one of the strongest cards in the game as it allows you to awaken any of your beasties while they are fatigued. Never mind the fact that it costs nothing to play. They are the perfect page for completely rushing the enemy Caster’s LP down to 0 or rapidly clearing the enemy Caster’s beasties when the moment calls for it.

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Written by Jake Sim

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